AUGUST 12-13 2017
9:00 AM
Womans only Hunter Safety Course
Taught by Master Instructor
Len Hanson

This is a three part class. Part one is the online course. You must complete this
prior to the class.
After completing, print the certificate you must bring this to the class or you will
not be admitted.
This is the link for the course.


Saturday the rest of the course will be completed.
Sunday will be a day of hunting and shooting for those that want to. Part of the
day will be spent shooting clay targets and the rest will be spent hunting
Pheasant over dogs. There will be a $50.00 charge for those wishing to
participate in the shooting events.
This by reservation only.
Please contact us to reserve your spot.
by phone 207-949-7644

Also coming this fall.....
Our annual "Gun Dog Challenge" and potluck barbecue.
This a strictly for fun event.

Our first ever "European Tower Shoot"
Details will be posted at a later date.
Cedar Ridge Pheasants