Cedar Ridge Pheasants is now offering Gun Dog Training.
All Bird dog breeds welcome.

Training will start April 21, 2018 at 9:00 a.m.
Still quite wet, but most of the property is accessible by foot. We can't wait
all summer for Mother Nature

Every Saturday at 8:00  Rain or shine unless it's a complete wash out.
$10.00 Gate fee.
Gate fee will be waived if you buy 3 or more training birds for that day. (When
available and excluding pigeons.)

Pigeons are available at $2.00 each. For training purposes only,no shooting.  
First come basis.
Pheasant and Chukar will be available at a discount, when we have them.
Mid July we should have mature pheasants and mid August Chukar.

Training is in small groups where you will be assisted and will be expected to
assist others.

Training is set up in three separate areas.

In the beginner section, you will be working on such things as basic obedience:
Whoa training, stay, come, heel. Just to name a few.

Enforcing whoa on birds, steady to flush, steady to shot.
Only blank guns will be allowed on these exercises.

By the time you reach this area, you and your dog will be ready for the final
You will quickly learn if your dog has advanced to the finished hunting dog that

Contact info;
For best results it's recommended you call.
Rick @207-949-7644
crpheasants@gmail.com   (Best)

New for this year.
Some have requested some one on one training time. In the past we have shied
away from doing this. This year we will try to accommodate those people.
There will be a $30.00 per hour charge plus cost of birds.
By appointment only.
Any day of the week with the exception to Saturdays, our regular training day.
Cedar Ridge Pheasants
Gun Dog Training